Vpiši iskalni niz

The company transports loads with tipper semi-trailers from 40m3 to 65m3, with semi-trailers with a movable bottom of 90 m3, semi-trailers with a tarpaulin of 100 m3.

We are registered for the transport of cereals, animal by-products, raw materials for industry, all types of waste, including hazardous - ADR waste for all countries of the European Union.

All vehicles are equipped with ADR equipment and our reliable drivers are properly trained.  

All vehicles are equipped with GPS Tracking.

Vehicle fleet

In the fleet we have different types of semi-trailers for all your needs.

All our vehicles meet European environmental standards with built-in EURO6 engines, and are regularly maintained and serviced.

Own logistic department

Our own logistics department allows us to communicate faster and clearer between our drivers on the road and dispatchers in the office, which enables faster decision-making and adaptation to situations. As a result, the quality of vehicle control has been improved, which allows our customers to rest assured that their transport will be carried out flawlessly and on time.


In accordance with the CMR convention, we have arranged liability insurance through the international insurance broker ASKO GmbH.

All vehicles meet the latest environmental standards and are equipped with GPS tracking, which allows us to view the location of the cargo at any time. Our drivers have passed professional qualifications and obtained ADR certificates for the transport of dangerous goods, they are experienced and professional. We take care of the proper behavior and orderliness of the driver and the vehicle.

Petro plus takes you to your destination

Petro plus represents 20 years of expertise:

  • on-time transport
  • fast responsivnes
  • adapting to the situation and any changes along the way
  • accessibility, and above all a frank and honest attitude

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