Vpiši iskalni niz

Petro plus d.o.o. is engaged in the sale and delivery of extra light heating oil and diesel fuel. We supply heating oil from the company MOL Slovenija d.o.o.

We provide this service only in Slovenia.

Types of fuel

Heating oil

The heating oil which we deliver is of high quality and meets all required Slovenian standards. The heating oil quality reflects as:

  • high calorific value - high energy efficiency
  • Eco-friendly - low sulfur content
  • stability at low temperatures 

Diesel fuel

The diesel fuel we deliver is of high quality and meets all required Slovenian standards. The quality of gas oil is reflected in:

  • suitable flammability
  • resistance to low temperatures
  • environmental friendliness

Payment options

Payment is possible with:

  • cash method of payment
  • credit card payment
  • installment payment on Diners, Eurocard, Mastercard and VISA credit cards

Delivery area 

Our company delivers petroleum products in the Central and Gorenjska regions of Slovenia. We strive to deliver to you as soon as possible and within the agreed time.

The distance between the vehicle and your tank can be up to 50 meters. 

All vehicles are equipped with calibrated dispensers.

Fueling station

The petrol station is open from Monday to Friday between 7:30 and 17:30. 

It is also possible to pay with all credit cards. The service station is intended for both individuals and legal entities.

Toll-free number (only for Slovenia) 

All information and orders are available on the toll-free number: 080 23 88

Petro plus takes you to your destination.

Petro plus represents 20 years of expertise. 

We guarantee:

  • on-time transport
  • fast responsivnes
  • adapting to the situation and any changes along the way
  • accessibility, and above all a frank and honest attitude


080 23 88


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